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Web1 and Web2

The first version of the internet consisted of only static pages and one could only read content on it. This version of the internet was prevalent before the 2000s. This "static" internet was also referred to as Web1.

Later on, as technology progressed, the Internet became more interactive and one could also write something on the Internet. This led to the advent of all social platforms where people could read each other's content and also create their own content. This "dynamic, read and write" form of the internet was called the Web2.

Data on Web2

Since users can create content on Web2, therefore, a huge amount of data is created every day and stored in centralized databases.

Every time a user goes to the internet and spends time on various platforms, every click and every action is tracked and recorded. Some of this data is collected by the platform where you are interacting. Other times, the data is being stored in cookies which are stored in your browsers and are collecting behavioural data.

The data from third-party cookies is also shared with other websites. Overall, data is scattered across the internet amongst various platform's databases and is collectively referred to as the web2 data.

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