Today, we have many profiles for web2 platforms and many wallets for web3 platforms that are hosted on various different blockchains.

As a result, our context is fragmented and non-reusable. For example:

  1. If you are a POAP collector, you might have many different POAPs on many different chains but there is no way to see them or use them in a unified way.

  2. If you are an NFT collector, you might have many different NFTs on Opensea, ourZora, Coinbase, DripHaus etc. There is no way to unify them to see what kind of NFT collector you are.

  3. If you are a liquidity provider in many different pools on many different chains, its not easy to have a unified view to see that the various wallets belong to one person and this person has provided X liquidity combined on different chains.

Profiles allow to aggregate contexts from your various wallets and then create interoperable profiles that prove that the user indeed has this combined context on various different platforms. This context can be used to enhance the experiences and lead the way for new use cases. Also, this is a huge step towards interoperability between blockchains.

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