🥅Profile Gating

Profile gating is the first gasless token gating experience

Plurality's smart profiles can be used for access control on dApps in ways that have not been possible before.

Until now, one popular way of doing access control in dApps is to give out NFTs or SBTs to user wallets which can be used to prove something and subsequently provide them access to an exclusive functionality.

But, token gating has certain limitations:

  1. For dApp, giving out NFTs/SBTs is extra work and also costs gas.

  2. NFTs can be transferred to other wallets, which might not be suitable for all use cases.

  3. SBTs are permanent and transparent. User might not want to keep this information in their wallet forever.

Plurality provides a newer, more private, cheaper way to enforce access control conditions and that is through profiles.

When a user connects their profile to a certain dapp, it can see the information in the profile and can use that info to access control accordingly without ever having to do a transaction on chain. User's profiles cannot be transferred to other wallets and this data is also secure with the user so this is a much more efficient way of doing access control,

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